With Covid-19 restrictions due to begin lifting in earnest on the 4th July (especially for small outdoor gatherings, where social distancing measures are adhered to), to play it safe we aren't really going to get going until the beginning of August. Looking at government guidelines for schools, with classes reduced to 15, plus one teacher (not observing social distancing), we are going to stick with our usual group size of 12. We are currently working on Covid-19 risk management systems, so on top of the extra hygiene facilities, we may have to make a few other small changes. Throughout, the outdoors has been seen as the safest place to be!

At a glance... 2020 is starting to look a bit like this. Hopefully we'll have an Indian summer and we'll see you out in the woods and round the campfire soon!

Spring (now Mid-Summer) Forager: 31 July - 2 Aug
Trailblazer: 7-9 August
Woodlander: 9-15 August
Fungi Day: 13th Sept
Trailblazer: 18-20 Sept
Sea Kayaking, Greece: 12-20 Sept
Autumn Harvester: 25-27 Sept
Woodlander: 27 Sept - 3 Oct
Tracker: 15-18 Oct
Oak Framing: 19-22 Oct
Containers: 25-29 Oct
Navigator: 19-22 Nov

We quietly hoping that the Greek Sea Kayaking trip will be able to run... It's looking promising so far - the Greek government are open to an 'air-bridge'; and are not quarantining on arrival. We're hoping that by the back-end of September our government will have relaxed quarantining on return back to the UK as well. It will be a wonderful trip, small group, open water, empty beaches, very low risk. Stay safe all.
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Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival. The goal of resilience is to thrive.

Jamais Cascio


Our UK bushcraft courses are designed to rapidly increase both your confidence and ability as you master new skills and wilderness knowledge. Everything we teach is tried, tested and trusted in real wilderness.
There is no better place to learn wilderness bushcraft than on a large private estate in the Lake District National Park, which allows for immersive nature learning.



Wild Human’s Bushcraft Expeditions focus not only upon where we travel, but just as importantly upon HOW we travel. Each journey has been carefully researched and reconnoitred to create a balance between local culture, wilderness skills and personal challenge.

Far from the beaten track our unique expeditions are NOT guided tours, but self-sufficient wilderness trips, from remote snowshoe journeys to living on uninhabited desert islands.

A Wild Human expedition is challenging and adventurous, allowing for the 'flexible' nature of real wilderness trips where many of the variables, from weather to transport can not necessarily be relied upon. All of our itineraries are set, but have an in-built degree of flex to accommodate all eventualities. Every participant is covered by robust international insurance and all of our leaders have advanced expedition medical qualifications. You are in safe hands, but still need to take personal responsibility for yourself and the team, as all of our trips venture into deep wilderness, sometimes 100's of miles from the nearest medical facilities.



Our vision - we believe that we can all become better humans – calmer, more focused, skillful and stronger – simply by obeying a few simple principles… by re-adopting the species specific skills and movements that our minds and bodies have evolved to excel at, skills and movements that make us feel intuitively good about ourselves.


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