Environment Specific Training

Environment Specific Training has been designed for those who wish to rise above and beyond normal adventure travel.

EST is a resource for ‘adventure architects’, people who passionately believe in creating positive change for the planet and people, through exploration and nature experiences. People who require a specialist skills infrastructure to create empowering and pioneering expeditions, to inspire, educate and protect.

This logical and progressive training ladder has been designed for each specific environment – Frozen, Jungle, Temperate and Desert – This targeted training system will meet the needs of teachers, academics, professionals, expedition leaders, adventure travellers, environmental scientists, research teams, outdoor professionals, conservation workers, students, wilderness medics, film crews, overlanders, and anyone else operating, working or travelling in wild, remote and challenging environments. We have created a specialist suite of in-depth expedition skills courses and trips that are both realistic and achievable for anyone who wants to achieve their full potential when working or traveling in wilderness. It is ideal professional development for those wishing to build their CV with a view to working professionally in the eco-tourism and adventure travel industry as an expedition leader or wilderness guide.

  Jungle        Frozen 

    Desert         Temperate

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