Steven Hanton

Steven Hanton’s journey into wilderness skills began almost 20 years ago, when he first discovered an innate passion for the natural world and humanity’s infinite answers to the question – what does it mean to be human?

Steven completed his first week-long bushcraft course at the age of 16 led by Ben, which quickly led him on to work for Ray Mears’ company Woodlore. Following that, Steven’s wilderness skills were finely polished by Ben McNutt, as he completed his Woodsmoke apprenticeship and was awarded the coveted Hazel-Handled Instructors Knife in 2008 which has become an industry standard for quality and experience. Steven has been a core member of Ben’s instructional team since 2007, working to help bring new and exciting courses to the industry. He also feels that a degree in Outdoor Education has benefited him as he strives to maintain a high level of tuition across the field.

His desire to unlock the secrets of bushcraft has enabled him to delve deep; particularly into the world of natural history and animal tracking, where he holds the internationally respected ‘Cybertracker – Track and Sign Specialist’ certificate. He has subsequently worked on tracking projects at home and abroad and continues to teach these skills to others. Steven expeditions worldwide in desert, artic and jungle environments, leads commercial expeditions in remote locations and provides consultation to high profile clients, TV Production companies and corporate events. He holds certificates in Mountain Leading, Wilderness Medical Training and Canoe Coaching.

Over the years, Steven has developed his other interests in woodwork, building traditional Wood and Canvas Canoes and paddles and subsequently founding his own canoe company – ‘Canvas Canoes’. His most recent foray into traditional skills has seen him train in Green Oak Timber Framing starting ‘OakMatters‘, and he now combines carpentry with wilderness skills training.

Steven is very proud to call the other inspirational experts listed here colleagues and friends.