Ross Bowyer

Ross Bowyer’s passion for wild places has driven him on a continuous path of learning and exploration. He grew up in the Caribbean and used the beaches and forests of the Cayman Islands to start learning from and interacting with nature. This outdoor lifestyle continued when he moved to the UK and his formal education in bushcraft started in 2002 on Woodsmoke’s very first Woodlander Course. This course opened his eyes to the vastness of the subject and bushcraft quickly became a way of life.

He has learned from and taught for some of the industries most renowned figures. Ross worked at Woodlore, where he learnt the intricacies of teaching the subject and running courses, he then moved on to Bushcraft Expeditions and as well as running the UK courses he was heavily involved in overseas expeditions. 

Ross has also provided survival consultancy, medical cover and location services to the TV industry for the last eight years and has worked with talent including Bear Grylls, Ed Stafford and James Cracknell. This has allowed Ross to travel to some of the worlds’ most extreme climates and has given him the opportunity to learn from many of the worlds’ indigenous cultures.

His passion for wild places has led him to undertake personal trips to the frozen north of Canada, Australia, Asia and Central America. He is always studying maps and planning his next trip. Despite all his travelling he still finds the UK and its changing seasons the most interesting place; he will often use time off to explore the British Isles in his van, climbing and walking in the mountains or canoeing on the rivers and Lochs.

Ross is a firm believer in skills and techniques that have been tried and tested in real world situations and has a passion to pass these on to future Wild Human students. He was presented his Hazel handled instructors knife in 2016 and is very proud to be a part of such a talented and experienced team.