Heather Osborne

Following a life-long love of natural history and wild places, Heather joined Ben McNutt’s team in 2015 and completed a three year apprenticeship before earning her hazel-handled instructor’s knife in 2017.

For Heather, the discovery of bushcraft was a life-changer and she became focused on learning the skills which enable a person, not just to spend time out amongst the natural environment, but to actually feel part of it.

Having trained with two of the UK’s most eminent trackers, Heather has spent much time in the study of tracking and trailing. She can often be found peering into wet mud in search of animal spoor and has an extensive collection of animal skulls, bones, feathers and feeding sign, which she keeps as a reference library.

She is also dedicated to the study of plants, and although her botanical knowledge is further informed by her experience as a professional gardener, she often finds more interest in common weeds, their folklore and edible, medicinal or poisonous properties.

Heather has assisted on expeditions in the tropical jungles of Borneo and enjoys the challenge of a new set of flora and fauna to identify and track whether it be overseas or here in the varied habitats of the UK.

With several years’ professional teaching experience, Heather enjoys nothing more than assisting others in their exploration of bushcraft and the natural world.