Danny Reid

Danny has always had a passion for the outdoors whether it be hillwalking or amongst the trees, he’s always felt at home in nature. He’s been lucky enough over the years to train and learn from some of the best instructors in the outdoor community, picking up bushcraft, wilderness living, and also track and sign skills. This only cemented his love for the natural world by allowing him to spend more time comfortably observing wildlife and plants and trees he came across on his travels.

As well as working at Wild Human he owns and publishes a magazine alongside a global team of very highly skilled professionals to help people of all experience levels and ages learn more about the natural world, this is something he feels very passionate about. Follow this link to discover The Bushcraft Journal.

“It’s important we help people understand it’s not about having shiny new kit, but a better understanding of the natural world and how we can immerse ourselves both safely and comfortably within it for longer”.